ASU HC Hackers 2022

02 September 1992 · News

News from the future: The hackers from the year 2022, much like that of 2021, have been discovered and are slowly hacking our posts to reflect their will. The only way they can be a member is if they hack their way in:

HC 2022 Member List

HC 2022 Leaderboard

Check back as the year goes on to see who becomes a true member of the hacking club!

Find the challenge at nc 23.

Validate Members

Curious to know which hackers are at ASU and which are just hackers across the multiverse? So are we! For this very reason, we have introduced RSA Signatures into the members list. You will notice that some users have a large number looking thing after their name. This is their signature. You can use our api to validate if a member is real or not:

As an example, you can validate to see if mahaloz is a real member or not:

Copy that into your browser and you will get the response:

Signature is valid.

If it’s invalid you get:

Signature is invalid.

You can, alternatively, validate signatures yourself. The hashing algorithm is SHA256, the signature system is PKCS115. The public key to validate can be found here. Hash the hackers name, then validate the signature.